Sunday, July 19, 2009


I'm a little upset about this, I'll admit.

The background downloader for the 3.2 patch appeared yesterday, and the feelings of tension in my guild certainly will not improve with this news. One of our main goals for Ulduar was to really push server firsts and to just GET to Algalon. I'm not really sure if we are going to reach this point. My friend Adam suggested an ETA of 2-3 weeks. With Firefighter and Knock, Knock, Knock still on the plate, with little to no real attempts put in, I'm worried that some of the people in my guild will crack under the pressure, especially with the summer crunch closing in. People are dropping left and right, 'I have camp', 'Vacation!', 'I just can't make it'. All the usual, and unfortunately legitimate excuses are being thrown at the officers. Raiding has become more of a chore.

Luckily, last week I was able to escape to the east coast shore for a bit of beach time with my boyfriend. It was very relaxing, and we were both eager for the break in raiding. Now that we are back, we are excited about the mass influx of applications on our forums. Including Bellwether (!), a good resto druid friend of mine, whom I am excited to get into some raids.

In other, ten man news, Algalon hits like a freaking truck. He has a one second, dual-wielding swing timer, that makes me want to cry everytime our tank gets two shot. A basic healing strat, should you be curious, is to have two healers on the alternating tanks. One who is consistently spamming quick, small heals, and another who is consistently spamming large, slower-casting heals. I.e. a Disc priest spamming flash heal with a paladin spamming holy light. Then you want to have one healer healing the raid (focusing on the hunter killing the stars). You need either a holy priest or a resto druid. Unfortunately, Algalon is not a fight that you can complete without a specific comp. There is, however, a little wiggle room.

Our healer comp for the past three weeks has been two priests and a resto sham. Very less than ideal. However, it is do-able.

Have one of your priests spec as such:

This priest and the resto shaman will be healing the tanks. The priest will be spamming greater heal (should have around 400 haste), and the shaman spamming lesser healing wave. The rotation for the priest will be Shield > Penance > Greater Heal. Spam greater heal until the penance CD comes up, and the same with the Weakened Soul debuff/PW:S.

I CONSTANTLY forget to use Power Infusion. I've made a macro, so that every time Power Infusion is off cooldown and I try and use Penance, Power Infusion is activated as well.

/cast [target={YOURCHARNAME}] power infusion
/cast penance

You can use this macro to cast penance normally, as well.

Thanks for reading, you can contact me via email, or in-game. I am Bellezza, Bellzilla, Bellerina, Bellebelle, and Sashafierce on Dark Iron :)

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