Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Alliance vs. Horde?

The age old question. We've all heard the arguments: 'Alliance are all 9 year olds who don't take the game seriously.', 'Horde are 40 year old assholes who have nothing better to do.'. Personally, I've given up on this particular debacle. I have, however, noticed a trend in the individuals who persist with the bashing of the opposite faction.

Generally, players of a lower level, or who have less experience in the game are far more impassioned with their faction. There are a few reasons for this, at least in my opinion. The first being a lack of exposure to the opposing faction. At level 70, I find I have far too much free time, time spent trolling our realm forums. By reading the different posts made by both horde and alliance, one begins to realize that there is a fact a person behind the undead rogue who just ganked you, cannabalized you, and hearthed in the time it took you to get on your main (Yes, I'm bitter. You know who you are!). Maybe they really are a remorseless jerk, but often times they are a logical human being, capable of organized thought and witty banter.

All the while leveling, and even now, there are random level ones in major cities, spamming trade chat in the form of claiming allies should all quit and kill themselves because they're terrible, and horde is so obviously better. I have to wonder if they really think this is a good idea. Suppose that everyone who played alliance suddenly quit and rerolled horde. PvP would be virtually eliminated. There would be no battlegrounds, only arena, and PvP servers would be an oxymoron. Without variety, the game would fail. Blizzard caters to all types of players, both hardcore and casual, both alliance and horde.

Assumptions made about both factions also don't do a thing to help the animosity. Honestly, all of the assumptions made about one faction can be turned around and made about the accuser. I play alliance, and yet, *GASP* I am actually not a nine year old child with a mental deficiency! At 18, I am considered a baby in my guild, most of whom are in their early to mid twenties. Sure, people have moments of immaturity. You'll find that in any player. But it's not recurring, and it's not constant. On the flip side, I've only met one horde with whom I had a serious conflict, and it had nothing to do with the fact that they played horde. The assumption here is that they are all 40 year old virgins, when in fact, I've never met a horde over the age of 30. Of the people I have met, they are reasonable people. Sure, being on a PvP server, I am ganked all the freaking time, but it's the risk I take for having rolled on one. In fact, many of the players that I have met, on both factions, are either my age, or within 5 years of it.

The reason I bring this subject up is because of something that transpired between a real life friend and myself. Upon discovering that she played WoW as well, I asked her what characters she played. At this pont, she had become aware that I played alliance. She told me that her main was an undead hunter (...), and promptly scolded my choice of playing alliance, claiming that in order to take the game seriously, you must play horde. The irony was almost palpable. I responded, halfheartedly, that when I started playing I didn't want to play a skeleton or a cow, so I played alliance. I then changed the subject, so as to avoid further conflict, but there was a nagging in my mind.

My cousin, the paladin with whom I leveled, after playing alliance for a number of months, rolled a tauren shaman to play with my brother, who had recently started playing. I decided to ask him about the differences, of which he said was a moot point. There is immaturity where ever you go. There will always be a Chuck Norris joke, a 'your mom' joke, or the newly instated 'ANAL: [link of an ability or item]'. It doesn't matter what faction you play on, it's going to be there.

The point being that we're all gamers. We all have a level of immaturity, but there is reason and logic as well. Factions don't really make a difference.


Anonymous said...

I think that you're more likely to see the Alliance versus Horde syndrome on PvP servers. Contested zones are fodder for ill feelings and you don't have that opportunity to explore both sides of the conflict as you would on a PvE or roleplaying server. Those servers have the flexibility to roll for both factions, granting them to opportunity to see, interact, and get to know both sets of individuals.

Mind you, this was something that I didn't know back in the day. I'd played on PvP servers for two years before a friend convinced me to roll on Feathermoon US. It then took me another year before I learned that I could roll Horde in addition to the Alliance. That explains why my character list goes one Alliance and then four Horde characters!

Belle said...

I agree; I've only ever played on a PvP server, and people overreact on a daily basis. I don't have any high level characters on RP/PvE server, but I've thought about it before.

PvP tends to make things interesting, though. Even though I'm a failure lol.

Thanks for reading :)

Bell said...

I know I'm sick of hearing the Horde versus Alliance debate.

I mean, it's obvious Alliance are superior, amirite?

Just kidding. ♥

Anonymous said...

It's the truth and no faction is better then the other its the players that make the difference. Racial's are powerful in PvP situations but a good player can turn the game around. The game is unbalanced and will probably never achieve balance certain comps in arena wreck and destroy others. As for age difference most people are usually at least 18-24ish age range but I've seen 10 year olds play this game and I treat them as I would anyone else they are humans after all >.>

Harl said...

having played high level horde and alliance chars on both pve and pvp servers, we have to agree - there really isn't much difference between the players on either faction. skill level and attitudes run the full range of the spectrum on both sides.

as an old fart ourselves (30+), it's worth noting that age does not equate to maturity. we've met 13 year olds that were exceptionally polite and 40 somethings that consistently behaved like spoiled children.

Julie said...

I think the difference in a pvp vs a rp server hits this on the head. I am FT Horde all the way, why? Because as a holy priest every alliance character I come across ganks me. I have no generalizations to make about the players behind the toon. Just that they seem to find it great fun to pick off holy priests and watch us turn into angels. =)

I have become slightly more lenient lately though, and stopped making fun of my friends alli alts (another server). I am working on my Shatar'i Skyguard rep, I land to do the Skettis escort. I see an Alli dpser. I think...Oh no, here it comes I will be dead and no escort for me. Alli lands as I finish clearing the mob and go to start quest. Alli looks at me, Alli waves, Alli kills all mobs for me, bows and epic flys away before I can even /thank

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