Monday, September 29, 2008

Itemization; Stats for Priests

Two weeks ago, while clearing the trash in Sunwell Plateau to reach Kalecgos, a tailoring pattern dropped that I had been waiting for since patch 2.4 was released. Pattern: Robe of Eternal Light dropped, and if you ask my guild members what they heard next, they would answer with high pitched squealing and, 'did she just have a heart attack?'. For whatever reason, the other priest in the raid didn't want to roll on them, so they were looted to me. Over the next 24 hours I farmed out the mats for the primal mooncloth, and had the robes the next day. There are, however, a few issues I have with the robes.

1. There is a very significant lack of Spirit on them. Spirit, as I am sure I have mentioned before, is key for both +healing, and mana regen for priests. I'll take Spirit where ever I can get it, so obviously I was a little uncertain.

2. I would be losing my Tier 6 four piece set bonus, and while the two set bonus is almost laughable, the number of times that I use greater heal rank 1 (they're taking away downranking, *sob*) during raids is absurd, and losing the extra 5% is taking an unnecessary hit.

So, after gemming it with two 11healing/5spirit gems and a 10spirit gem, and enchanting it with 15spirit, I set it aside, keeping the set bonus.

The next week, the Bracers of the Fallen Conqueror dropped, and I was allowed to roll. Winning the roll, I promptly gemmed, enchanted, and equipped. I compared the robes again, this time keeping the set bonus.

However, I was still torn. While I was gaining +healing and mp5, the bonus was minimal, and I was losing significant spirit, and some stamina.

On the other hand, there is 40 spell haste rating on the robes, which is very tempting.

Unsure of what to do, I posted on the priest forums. There was an overwhelming response in the direction of wearing the new robes, and I began to realize what the real idea of Sunwell gear is about.

With the addition of Tier 6 belt, boots, and bracers, people are better to swap in other gear to replace tier 6, without losing set bonuses. Granted, a lot of people have already discovered this, but I was pretty excited about it! Because honestly, the tier 6 bracers for holy priests aren't godly. Bracers of Martyrdom , with the extra spirit are actually better, in my opinion. But in comparison to having the new robes/bracer combination, they are not better.

This could just be ramblings from someone who's behind on realization, but I thought it was interesting all the same. Here: is the link to the post where I pleaded for help from my fellow priests. There were some interesting responses, from some knowledgeable people.

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Anonymous said...

I'd personally disregard the new robe and save it for a Haste-specific set. Small amounts of Spell Haste are negligible (the difference is so minute that you typically lose benefit due to latency hiccups or user reaction time), but stack enough and you start having a big impact.

The only problem is that Spell Haste ranks high in those nifty ilevel points when you compare it to other stats. So while you typically gain significant Haste, you tend to lose out on Spirit, occasionally Bonus Healing, and sometimes Intellect -- all of which have a lower ilevel score.

Personal preference, though. And supposedly Spell Haste is littered on Wrath gear. Congratulations on your win!